Overheard at MND

“You’re rubbing it in the wrong direction, Dana, that doesn’t feel good. Please stop.” – Chris, 1/22/18

“What’s sharting?” – Meredith, 1/29/18

“Not even kidding, you would make an amazing goat herder.” – Dana to Lindy, 3/12/18

“Captain fuzzy-butt, look at your fuzzy-butt!” – Dana, 3/12/18

“I used to be quite crunchy!” – Nicole, 3/26/18

“He used to just lick his own nipples” – Matt 2018-03-26

“By the way, speaking of pain points and delightful rubbing…” – Nicole, 4/2/18

“She white privileges the shit out of our bed.” – Chris, 4/9/18

“Why the fuck does the world hate my goddamn mint pants?” – Chris at the #eisenweddingbells, 6/9/18

“Ahahaha… We’re unpleasant.” – Dana, 7/9/18

“Boggy pussy!” – Nicole, 9/24/18

Nicole: “He looks like the kind of guy that buys dinner and expects to get laid.”
Dana: “It’s the turtleneck.” – 9/24/18

“She touched someone with her breast-tit.” – Dana, 10/15/18

“Are we talking about boggy pussy?” – Nicole, 10/15/18

“Don’t put your mustache on me!” – Nicole, 11/12/18

“I have a sumptuous thigh.” – Will, 11/12/18

“I was trying to figure out how to spell ‘sumptuous’.” – Matt, 11/12/18

“Oh hey! I can start drinking!” – Will, 11/26/18

“We’re going to have a week of science fiction pornography!” – Will, 11/26/18

“I do want to run the dishwasher but I also want to watch pornography with our friends.” – Will, 11/26/18

“I liked Calendar Girls…” – Kamrin, 11/26/18

“Oh wait, I do need to touch this, too.” – Will, 12/10/18

“I’m not articulate, but I’m not wrong!” – Aaron, 1/14/19

“It’s like a cock garter.” – David, 1/14/19

“Will, do you have some good smut on tap for me?” – Chris, 2/25/19

“…about to deep-throat an airplane.” – Nicole, 2/25/19

“Oh Jesus, you don’t take his athletic socks off with your mouth!” – Nicole, 2/25/19

“I was looking up Jeopardy subreddits…” – Aaron, 3/18/19

“Anybody want any green penises?” – Natalie, 4/15/19

“I am the incest, it’s fine… It’s real.” – Nicole, 4/29/19

“Let me tell you about Caligula.” – Will, 4/29/19

“Have you ever rubbed your taint on someone?” – Dana, 8/12/19

“The thin ones need lubrication.” – Natalie, 8/12/19

“I was trying to think of a direct Minnesotan, but I don’t think I know any.” – Efrat, 8/12/19

“He is not a spinner of yarns.” – Dana, on David, 10/7/19

“What am I eating? Oh! Butt! Thank you!” – Dana, 10/7/19

I don’t know that much about Juggalos.” “Then why are you trying to step to me?” -Nicole and Will, 2019-10-14

“The Papa John’s eugenics movement: better ingredients, better people!” – Will, 10/14/19

“SKELEPENIS!” – Natalie, Nicole, & Dana in unison, 3/2/20

“There is so much literal feces in our backyard, we don’t even sit back there!” – Efrat, 9/7/20

“Caroline, dear, are you having rice cakes and vodka for dinner?” – Dana
“No! I’m having rice cakes and gin.” – Caroline, 12/7/20

“This tastes like a musty booty skittle.” – Will, 8/9/21

“Monday Night Whippets!” – Will, 8/30/21

“That’s like pandemic formal!” – Austin, on Aaron’s ‘pajama’ pants, 4/11/22