Welcome to MnMND.com!

After three years of Monday Night Dinner, I’ve finally gotten around to [starting] setting up a web site for the ordeal. My short-term vision for this is to run a mailing list, possibly integrated into this blog, to enable people to easily opt-in or opt-out of being on the MND emails, and not requiring everyone to maintain their own list of who they think is [still] interested. The blog itself can be used by hosts or attendees to document the meals that we prepare, for posterity’s sake. It’s not uncommon for people to ask for recipes, or try to remember how we did something, or how something turned out; while email archives provide some help with that, I think that this could be an order of magnitude nicer, if done well.

My long-term vision is a fancier custom system, where MND members can log in and claim a Monday to host, and then include the recipe(s) up-front, and have a nice system for dividing up ingredients. Attendees can also log in to mark intended attendance or absence for future dates, so as to facilitate easier planning for the host. Unless you’ve developed a system whereby your body can survive without Oxygen (or you don’t much care for this life), though, I’d recommend against holding your breath waiting for this long-term vision. If you have other ideas, suggestions, or requests, please let me know!

In the meantime, feel free to check out the little about page I whipped up, which you can now use as easy reference if you’re ever trying to explain MND to a newbie :).

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  1. natybee88 says:

    Is there someplace where we’ll all be able to see the current list of subscribers?

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