Mailing List Set Up

I got two mailing lists set up. Dinner is for the actual MND emails that will go around like normal, announcing ingredients, etc. Once you’re registered, you accomplish this by just sending email to, and it should go out to all members interested in receiving such emails (since people can remove themselves at any time). There’s also a Social list (social@…) that works the same way, but is intended for non-MND events/topics still targeting a similar (but not necessarily identical) group of people. You should automatically be subscribed to both of these lists once you register for this site, but can easily remove yourself by logging into this site, editing your profile (click your name at the top right after logging in), and unchecking one or more boxes at the bottom of your profile page.

There’s also an easy invite feature you can use once you’ve registered for the site and logged in. I think it should appear on the main dashboard. Let me know if that’s not the case.

Also, when you sign up, you’ll first just be a subscriber, but I’ll change your user level so you can do more interesting things once you’re confirmed and I get a chance.

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